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Hoy, en Amig@s de WOMANWORD, la publicación cruza  el charco y directo desde Nueva York, Mike Fricchione, organizador de campañas políticas en Estados Unidos,  ha hecho llegar a la Revista un divertido artículo sobre cómo estas se desarrollan.

The Greatest Play

I’ve always been surprised by the number of people who dislike politics. Maybe because it’s theatre and most people don’t consider life a play, like I do. In order to manage a campaign, you have to be able to tell a story. And the most interesting and successful stories will weave a compelling narrative complete with storyline, symbols and sex. Here are three very basic steps to anyone who is thinking of running a race:

 Step 1: Find a Candidate

It’s fairly obvious, but you need a good protagonist. The candidate is your star actor and the play will succeed or fail based on his or her actions. Of course, acting can be taught, but the best candidates are those who believe in what they say, even if others do not. Voters can tell when candidates are repeating memorized lines, so the best candidates will be those who believe in what they are saying.

Step 2: Raise $/€ 

A good play costs money to produce. Many candidates will have to sell their souls, but they do because they believe in a cause. If they don’t believe in what they are doing, raising money will be much harder.

This past summer in my home city of New York, over $5 millions dollars was spent by the powerful real estate board on local city council races where the campaigns are small, the stakes are high, and candidates without rich, powerful donors have little chance of raising the kind of money required to fight back. It’s sad, but true. Unless you’re famous or independently wealthy, it’s a tough racquet to break into.  Candidates will have to ask favors from everyone they know, and barely know, in order to have a chance for any office. Those who don’t, will fail.

Step 3: Make it Sexy

Your play needs a plot. It’ sounds obvious, but too many campaigns fail before they even start because there is no theme. Without a compelling reason to vote, the electorate will seldom vote for you, or even remember your name for that matter. Many times campaigns make the mistake of thinking people care about what their candidate does or says. In reality, candidates are battling against reality television in order to capture the short attention spans of the electorate. Therefore, the best way to win is by, first of all, having a compelling reason to run. After that, your candidate’s positive message should contrast directly with your opponent’s weaknesses.

Americans have a thirst for negative campaigns, even though they say they dislike it. But negative campaigning works. It works based on the same principle behind why you slow down and turn your head when you see a car accident. In the United States, we love a good sex scandal. Nothing trumps it. Make your own judgments as to why, but it’s apart of our culture.

When you have the candidate, the money, and the message (sex scandal optional), the final step is to repeat the message until everyone is sick of you. It’s a thankless task, but your candidate will thank you with a strong drink on election night if you do.

Mike Fricchione.

Mike Fricchione with Obama

Mike Fricchione with Obama


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